Meet the Clack Family Fellows – 2024

Meet the Clack Family Fellows – 2024

Congratulations to the two new Clack Family Fellows, Dr. Kamga Nkouli Steve Jacquier and Dr. Hugues Ghislain Atakla. As the 2024 Clack Family Fellowship awardees, they will receive funds to continue their neurosurgical education in their home countries.

Dr. Kamga Nkouli Steve Jacquier is a 4th year resident in neurosurgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital, University of Nairobi. His residency program director is Kiboi Julius Githinji. Once he completes his training, he plans to bring his neurosurgical skills back to the far north region of Cameroon where he will be the first neurosurgeon serving an impoverished and under-privileged population of over 3.9 million inhabitants.

“My dream is to be able to inspire other young medical officers to train in neurosurgery to reduce the gap of neurosurgeons in Cameroon with a population of just 25 neurosurgeons for about 30 million inhabitants.”

Dr. Kamga Nkouli Steve Jacquier

Dr. Hugues Ghislain Atakla is currently in his third-year resident at Cheikh Anto Diop University, Hospital Center University De Fann in Dakar, Senegal. His program director is Momar Code BA. Upon the completion of his training, he plans to return to his home country of Benin which currently has 6 neurosurgeons for approximately 12 million residents.

We look forward to sharing updates on the progress of these ambitious neurosurgeons who will save and improve the lives of many in Cameroon and Benin and inspire other practitioners to pursue neurosurgical education pathways.