FIENS Bassett Fellowship Update – Dr. Kevin Ivan Chan

FIENS Bassett Fellowship Update – Dr. Kevin Ivan Chan

Advancing skills in skull base neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine

Left to Right: Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez – Miranda and Dr. Kevin Ivan Chan

Name: Kevin Ivan Chan
Home Country: Philippines
Sponsors: Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez – Miranda
Fellowship Training Hospital: Stanford University School of Medicine

FIENS is pleased to share a report from Dr. Kevin Ivan Chan who completed his Bassett fellowship in 2023. He is the immediate past chief resident of the Philippine General Hospital, the largest tertiary hospital in the Philippines.

Fellowship Overview

Last year, Dr. Chan was able to travel to Stanford University School of Medicine where he pursued skull base neurosurgery under Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez – Miranda. His research interests for the fellowship include endoscopic neurosurgery, skull base, pituitary and neurosurgical education.

We had the opportunity to ask Dr. Chan how he felt the fellowship has contributed to his neurosurgical education. Here is what he shared:

“Indeed, I have seen further by standing on the shoulders of giants. Dr. Fernandez – Miranda is such a giant in the field of skull base neurosurgery. He was an exceptional mentor. Through observing his surgical techniques in the operating room, I gained invaluable insights into this specialized discipline. I was able to witness how he approached complex skull base lesions. To further refine and enhance these techniques, I had the privilege of conducting research in our NeuroTraIn laboratory which boasts state-of-the-art equipment akin to that found in our operating room. Utilizing cadaveric models, I applied the principles I learned from Dr. Fernandez – Miranda. This immersive experience allowed me to delve deeper in honing my surgical skills and expanding my anatomical knowledge. This fellowship and mentorship have undoubtedly shaped my character as a neurosurgeon fostering a commitment to excellence, mastery of anatomy and pursuit of innovation.”

“The Philippines is currently facing a significant scarcity of neurosurgeons. With fewer than 150 practicing in the country, the ratio stands at approximately one neurosurgeon for every 800,000 individuals. This glaring disparity underscores the urgent necessity to augment the neurosurgical workforce in our nation.”

All of us at FIENS are very happy to have been able to provide support to this young aspiring neurosurgeon and are honored to be a part of his professional journey. We look forward to sharing updates on his progress in the Philippines.

Dr. Kevin Ivan Chan’s Fellowship Photo Library