The Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery is truly international.  We currently have 7 Executive Board Members, 34 Board Members, and 3 Community Board Members.  Our board members come from the United States, (20 states), Africa (3 states), Brazil, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and 2 provinces in Canada.  Annual meetings are held in the United States, in conjunction with major society meetings (in the U. S. and international locations), and teleconference calls.


Executive Committee 

Robert J. Dempsey, MD – Chair
Peter Nakaji, MD – Vice Chair
Brandon Rocque, MD – Secretary
Azam Ahmed, MD – Treasurer
James Johnston, MD – Volunteer Coordinator
Gail Rosseau, MD – Member at Large

Current Board Members

Hildo Azevedoh,MD
Merwyn Bagan, MD
Jose Piquer Belloch, MD
Frank Culicchia, MD
Carlo M. deLuna, MD
Dilantha B. Ellegala, MD
David J. Fairholm, MD
Graham Fieggen, MD
Grant E. Gauger, MD
Roberta Glick, MD
Murat Gunel, MD
Roger Hartl, MD                   
Roberto C. Heros, MD
Mojgan Hodaie, MD
Walter Johnson,MD
Yoko Kato, MD
Daniel F. Kelly, MD
Abednego A.D. Kinasha, MD
Robert Lacin, MD
Edward R. Laws, Jr., MD
Muhammad Raji Mahmud,MD
Richard Moser, MD
Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD
Richard G. Perrin, MD
Anselmo Pineda, MD
Mahmood M. Qureshi, MD  
John Ragheb, MD
Jack P. Rock, MD  
Scott Robertson,MD
Sam Safavi MD
David Sandberg, MD
Philip E. Stieg, MD
Tetsuo Tatsumi, MD
Sarah Woodrow, MD
Ernest Wright, MD

Community Board Members

Dick Bassett
Richard and Susan Clack

Executive Director

Dr. Ravneet Kaur