Supporting neurosurgical trainees from areas of the world without sufficient neurosurgical coverage.

We strive to equip these surgeons with skills they can use to advance their neurosurgical training and bring back life-saving knowledge to their home country.

Fellowship Offerings

FIENS offers international traveling fellowships as well as funding for neurosurgeons who come from, or are training in, a low-or middle-income country.

International traveling fellowship for those in a low income countries who are in a residency program or have completed residency within the past five years.

This fund has been established as a international scholarship that funds trainees to finish their neurosurgical training in their home country.

An international traveling fellowship for neurosurgeons who are both citizens of Pakistan and working in Pakistan.

News & Announcements

"This fellowship was key in opening my eyes to the vast advancements in neurosurgery. With the limited number of neurosurgeons with vascular experience in my country, exposure to complex vascular techniques and approaches were a rarity."

Jo Ee Sam

Bassett Fellow, 2023
Neurosurgeon at Hospital Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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Interested in starting a named fellowship?

Named fellowships are a way for supporters of FIENS to maintain a long term connection to the organization and direct their giving toward efforts that they believe in.

If you are interested in creating a named fellowship with FIENS, please send an inquiry to Named fellowships can be established by individuals, families, groups, or organizations.

Areas of interest for named fellowships include: General Neurosurgery, Trauma , Skull base, Spine, Pediatrics, Tumor, Spine and Nerve.