Neurological Surgery


Lack of Trained Neurosurgeons Around the Globe Endangers Lives

The low resourced regions of world have a huge need for trained neurosurgeons. This lack of access to neurosurgical care puts the lives of the most vulnerable at risk. Many of these life saving procedures are common place in high resourced countries and should not be limited to those who have means. 

It’s not acceptable that people have to suffered and died when the techniques that would have saved them have been around for decades. 

Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery

We provide hands-on training and education to neurosurgeons around the world. Our volunteer neurosurgeons and personnel spend months on-site, teaching techniques to local neurosurgeons and setting up neurosurgery residency programs.

Working side-by-side with neurosurgeons in low resourced countries is the best way to impart this knowledge. Passing this knowledge forward truly  helps these surgeons and their patients in country. 

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