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These fellowships help neurosurgeons trained in low-and-middle-income countries to refine their skills both virtually and in-person.


Since 2015, FIENS, in partnership with Henry Ford Health and local physicians, societies and foundations, has completed boot camps in South Africa, Yangon (2), Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Nigeria, Singapore, Chile, Kenya and Vietnam.

Virtual Visiting Professors

Please watch our most recent webinar in the Global Visiting Professor series!

Presented by Professor Najia El Abbadi, WFNS President and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Cheikh Zaid International University Hospital in Rabat, Morocco. Her speaking topic is WFNS Beyond 2023.


International traveling fellowship for those in low-income countries who are in a residency program or have completed residency within the past five years.

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Lack of Trained Neurosurgeons Around the Globe Endangers Lives

The low resourced regions of world have a huge need for trained neurosurgeons. This lack of access to neurosurgical care puts the lives of the most vulnerable at risk. Many of these life saving procedures are common place in high resourced countries and should not be limited to those who have means. 

Worldwide gaps in access to neurosurgical care severely affect quality of life and significantly reduce life expectancy for citizens in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs). Recent studies show that 5 million people per year in LMICs will require, but not receive neurosurgical support. In order to address this deficit, at least 23,000 neurosurgeons need to be trained and practicing in their home countries. 

Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery

Our mission is to improve care of individuals with neurological disease throughout the world by support of education in neurosurgery, particularly via partnerships between established and emerging neurosurgical programs.

We provide hands-on training and education to neurosurgeons around the world. Our volunteer neurosurgeons and personnel spend months on-site, teaching techniques to local neurosurgeons and setting up neurosurgery residency programs.

Working side-by-side with neurosurgeons in low resourced countries is the best way to impart this knowledge. Passing this knowledge forward truly  helps these surgeons and their patients in country. 

Global Impact

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"FIENS support of excellent fellows such as Dr. Sanabria Duarte to attend our center as an observer is an important investment. This type of program is a vehicle that allows for rapid transfer of knowledge and provides the seeds to shape new practice implementation that benefits patients at the home institution for many years to come."

Suneil K. Kalia MD PhD FAANS FRCSC – Toronto Western Hospital,
about Dr. Sanabria Duarte (pictured on the left)