Jo Ee Sam’s FIENS Bassett Fellowship

Jo Ee Sam’s FIENS Bassett Fellowship

Jo Ee Sam’s FIENS Bassett Fellowship at Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital in Japan was a career highlight for him. With a strong desire to bridge the gap in cerebrovascular neurosurgery skills and techniques, Jo Ee Sam embarked on this transformative fellowship to gain invaluable experience and knowledge. Equipped with knowledge from his fellowship, he aims to revolutionize neurosurgical practices in Malaysia with the goal of saving more lives and improving patient outcomes. 

The primary focus of Jo Ee Sam’s fellowship was on mastering cerebrovascular neurosurgery. With a scarcity of resources and limited access to endovascular therapy in Malaysia, patients often do not have adequate treatment options. Jo Ee Sam recognized the urgency to learn these specialized skills to bring about a positive change. Under the guidance of Professor Yoko Kato and her team, Jo Ee Sam learned new skills to treat microsurgical anastomosis with simulated vessels, gradually honing the techniques required for successful surgeries. By acquiring these skills, he now possesses the ability to address complex cerebrovascular conditions and provide life-saving interventions to patients back home.

Throughout the fellowship, Jo Ee Sam had the privilege of observing and participating in a wide range of neurosurgical procedures. These included aneurysm clippings, bypasses, ventriculoatrial shunts, endoscopic skull base surgeries, spine surgeries, and emergency procedures. Additionally, He also had the opportunity to assist in endovascular procedures, further broadening his expertise. 

The fellowship training received by Jo Ee Sam holds immense potential for the advancement of neurosurgery in Malaysia. Bringing back his newfound knowledge and skills, Jo Ee Sam aims to contribute to the field in several ways. Firstly, he intends to provide enhanced vascular and neurosurgical services to patients who previously lacked suitable treatment options. This will undoubtedly save lives and improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, Jo Ee Sam plans to share his new expertise with fellow neurosurgeons, facilitating knowledge transfer and capacity building within the Malaysian medical community. Empowering others with this specialized skill set, he envisions a future where more lives can be saved, and the quality of neurosurgical care is elevated nationwide.

Jo Ee Sam would like to express his deep gratitude to Professor Yoko Kato and the team at Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital for their exceptional mentorship and support throughout the fellowship. Furthermore, he acknowledges Dr. Low Peh Hueh for sharing her fellowship experience and introducing them to the FIENS Fellowship Program. Jo Ee Sam commends the FIENS Bassett Fellowship program for its noble vision of enabling doctors to teach and share their knowledge, ultimately saving more lives.

Watch this brief video to hear from Jo Ee Sam about his fellowship experience.