Global Surgery Volunteer Program Update – Bootcamp in Hanoi, Vietnam

Global Surgery Volunteer Program Update – Bootcamp in Hanoi, Vietnam

In November 2023, FIENS Board members, Jack Rock, Brandon Rocque, Roberta Glick and other neurosurgeons, Timothy Ryken, Damien Kuffler, Hassan Fadel hosted a successful boot camp in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hosted by Dr. Dong Van He, neurosurgeon and Vice Director of Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi and 8 outstanding local faculty members, the international traveling team had the opportunity to work alongside them to deliver a rigorous training session to 40 residents and junior doctors from all regions of Vietnam. 

Following the Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS) model, the international bootcamp and learning curriculum was designed to be used by organizations and learning institutions to support neurosurgical residents transitioning from medical school to mid-level residency. The program provides education in basic neurosurgical concepts and skills while providing an opportunity for local neurosurgeons to take ownership of their educational processes. Educational materials include mini courses with lectures, case discussions, skill stations, simulators and models. 

In addition to learning opportunities, the FIENS bootcamp also provides an opportunity for residents to meet other residents outside of their own programs and regions. It also allows residents to be exposed to up-to-date techniques and equipment in neurosurgery.

FIENS held their first international bootcamp in Bolivia in 2015. Since that time, FIENS, in partnership with Henry Ford Health and local physicians, societies and foundations, has completed boot camps in South Africa, Myanmar (2), Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Nigeria, Singapore, Chile, Kenya and Vietnam (2).

“Neurosurgical boot camps are like power-ups for the field, fueling knowledge, teamwork, and the ability to change lives. These programs teach key skills to junior doctors and residents, improving patient care, and paving the way for a future where everyone can get top-notch neurosurgery.”

Brandon Rocque, FIENS Executive Board Member

“Education is a relationship. And I think the success of these international bootcamps depends on the relationships we have developed with the doctors in these developing countries, with many of the residents, a with our industry partners, and in this way we all learn from each other in a mutually respectful and open minded and openhearted way. It was truly a memorable experience, and I am honored to be part of it. And once again, a huge thanks to Dr. Jack Rock for all his incredible work and friendship throughout the years.”

Roberta Glick, FIENS Board Member

Dr. Hassan Fadel (Henry Ford neurosurgery resident) lectures about cranial trauma
Brandon Rocque with small group after case discussions

Local faculty at the lumbar spine instrumentation station
Dr. He lectures about endoscopic third ventriculostomy