Volunteering in Egypt – 2020

Dr. Amgad Hanna from the University of Wisconsin teaching in Cairo

Dr. Amgad Hanna from the University of Wisconsin teaching in Cairo

would like to thank you for supporting my visit to Cairo University between February 16th and 20th, 2020. This was a very fruitful visit with lots of educational opportunities that came in different flavors.

Day 1, Feb 17th: Four lectures were given. Attendees (~30) included faculty and residents from the department of Neurosurgery at Cairo University. Lectures were on meralgia paresthetica, thoracic outlet syndrome, nerve sheath tumors, and cases. The last lecture was an explanation of the American Board of Neurosurgery certification, with case discussions in a ‘hot seat’ setting similar to our mock oral board sessions. We then saw clinic patients, mostly suffering from nerve injuries. Six patients were seen, three were offered surgery, of which one declined.

Day 2, Feb 18th: Cadaver course at the military academy. Attendees (~20) were from Cairo University, Ain Shams University, and the military hospitals (Maadi, and Kobry Elkobbah). We demonstrated various surgical approaches to nerves in the upper and lower extremities and explained the concept of nerve grafting and nerve transfers.

Ready for surgery

Day 3, Feb 19th: Live surgery demonstration on 2 cases (~10 attendees): a peroneal nerve decompression, and a repair of ulnar nerve laceration via autograft from superficial radial nerve, and nerve transfer end-to-side from the AIN (anterior interosseous nerve).

I think people were overall happy with what they learned. I met Dr Ahmad Hussein, my FIENS fellow who is coming to Madison March to May 2020. We are starting to arrange for a visit to Ain Shams University in the fall.

Sincerely, Amgad Hanna, MD – University of Wisconsin-Madison