Congratulations FIENS-Bassett Fellowship Scholarship Recipient, Dr. Adefisayo Adekanmbi

Congratulations FIENS-Bassett Fellowship Scholarship Recipient, Dr. Adefisayo Adekanmbi

Home Country: Nigeria

Training Program: Neurosurgery training program: University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. The residency takes an average of 8 years for completion, including 2 to 3 years of general surgery training and about 5 years of core neurosurgery training. The training provides opportunities for exposure to general neurosurgery and basic micro-neurosurgery. 

Sponsors: Dr. Robert Dempsey, Dr. Mustafa Baskaya

This August, Dr. Adefisayo Adekanmbi completed his fellowship at the University of Wisconsin under the guidance of trainers Dr. Robert Dempey and Dr. Mustafa Baskaya. Dr. Adekanmbi’s fellowship allowed him to participate in an advanced microvascular bypass training curriculum. Activities of the curriculum included gaining exposure to the execution and performance of several convexity and skull base neurosurgical approaches; participation in observership opportunities in the operation room for complex neurosurgical procedures, and the opportunity to lead and contribute to neurosurgery-related research activities. Dr. Adekanmbi will bring this new knowledge and experience back to his home country of Nigeria. 

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Adefisayo Adekanmbi. Here are some highlights from what he shared: 

The training provided during my fellowship will enable me to be able to safely operate on complex cranial neurosurgery cases.  I will be able to apply some of the technical nuances and approaches in my operations and will also be able to share the knowledge with colleagues and other junior neurosurgeons. 

In closing Dr. Adekanmbi wished to acknowledge and thank those that supported his FIENS- Basset Fellowship journey. 

I would like to thank my mentors, Professor R Dempsey and Professor M. K Baskaya for giving me this golden opportunity.